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We make the first variable geometry turbine, or in other words self adaptive turbines that are the next phase in renewable generation.

In fact in today’s environment the communities need an optimal energy conversion concept adapting to the moving natural resources: 6 human beings out of 10 live in the cities, where the variability of wind and water flows reduces conventional turbines efficiency to a one third of what it could be (IRENA 2018 report on renewables capacity factor).

The problem is the technological distance between the Machine (i.e. the turbine) expecting a regular flow, and Nature offering instead a variable flow where the machine keeps on switching on and off, with a poor level of production.

The solution is always adapting to change: and our V-Stream turbine technology naturally adapts to any flow direction & intensity.

Less than a half switch-on time, when natural resources are so variable means more than double energy production. 

It works both in Wind & Water: ever since the flying fishes fins turned into wings, these 2 worlds are amazingly linked to each other. 

Our patent introduces reliability so the communities marketplace can evolve from buying power to real energy, entering the decentralized generation era with small turbines from 2 to 20 kW fitted to the urban scale.

Climate impact is the base to the sustainability of our business model:

compared to a standard solar panel, our water turbines have 70 times more power per square meter, so we can consume 70 times less land;

compared to a standard urban wind turbine our energy return on energy invested raises from 3 to 8, and up to 30 going to water.

We believe that our technological “know-how” can not really strengthen if it is not powered by its complementary “know-why”, which corresponds to the most authoritative scientific validation by all stakeholders: Economical, Social and Environmental.

The key point is to enable communities to harness and transition to renewable electricity sources both wind and water in an affordable way.

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