The USaveR (Solar)

About Solution

Paradise Care is developing a two-in-one solar-powered LED lamp and power bank made mostly from recycled plastic bottles.

This product, called the USaveR, will provide a source of high-quality light and power

  • in an outage due to a natural disaster or other reason
  • in areas where there is no access to electricity
  • to those who cannot afford (or want to save on) electricity bills but cannot afford solar panels
  • to those who want to reduce dependence on harmful energy sources such as oil and coal
  • to those who want to find safer alternatives to kerosene, candles, manure and other energy sources that also pose a risk to humans and the environment

Why we believe the USaveR can make an Impact

In 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Almost one year later, over 14,000 people remained without power but they had access to sunlight almost every day.

According to an analysis published by the International Energy Agency in 2018, over 1.1 billion people worldwide still 'lack any electricity supply' but have access to sunlight.

We believe the USaveR can provide an increased level of safety, comfort, productivity and convenience to people in these and many other situations faced around the world. 

About The USaveR

  • The current version of the product, the USaveR, provides an affordable, portable energy source that can also be used to power devices via USB.
  • The bulb never needs to be replaced and the battery can last up to six years.
  • The user can get up to 24 hours worth of light or charging power when one feature is used or up to 12 hours of dual light and charging power.
  • The product is safe to use indoors or outside. It never gets hot which means it does not pose a fire hazard or burn risk and can be safely used by children over the age of six.
  • This product and it's design was conceptualized and manufactured by Jamaican Noel McDonald from Paradise Care. In Jamaica, over 600 million plastic bottles are used every year. Many of them end up in the environment where they pose a threat to the marine and wildlife, contribute to pollution and flooding. This was the inspiration for the current version of the USaveR.
  • We are designing the solar-powered version of the USaveR as this will provide additional social and environmental benefits, some of which were outlined above.

Paradise Care has already successfully manufactured a safe and effective product. Although this new design is just in the research and development phase we have no doubt that we can make the transition from electric power to a sustainable energy source.



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