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ThermInn is a novel way of producing electricity from any heat source without using any conventional engine. The world is getting hotter and hotter every passing second due to continuous emission of Green House Gases (GHGs), which is gradually making the earth non-suitable for human to live. Our technology produces the energy entirely using the heat and does so without producing any greenhouse gas. So the environment is protected and the energy is extracted.

With ThermInn, we have devised a way to harness the power of ever-warming atmosphere to produce electricity. Everything that produces heat becomes a source of electricity, including human bodies. ThermInn is a thermoelectric generator that uses the slightest of the temperature difference to produce electricity.

Wall of every house gets cooled down during the night and once the sun rises, the wall starts to absorb heat and get warm. This provides us with the ideal settings to produce electricity. We install ThermInn panels on the wall and it keeps the wall cool and starts producing electricity.

Our solution is feasible for every house/place where there is waste heat available. Especially in the areas with extreme weather conditions that are far away from the residential areas, ThermInn panels can continuously provide clean energy both during the day and night that too without much maintenance. Our own research indicates that customized ThermInn Panels can find their great use in the waste heat produced by locomotives. It can also harness the heat produced by our bodies. Waste heat is everywhere, so should be the clean energy. 

ThermInn panels are highly scalable. The energy demand is increasing day by day and almost 70% of our energy demand is met by non-renewable energy sources. The world is moving towards clean energy production. That's what our technology does the best.

It can easily adapt to the available area. Greater the available area and heat, greater the energy produced. Our technology targets the market for waste heat treatment which already is a huge market. Waste heat from the process industries is in dire need to be treated with our technology to be useful. 

In the past years, the focus of the world is changing. People are getting more aware of the harm that the non-renewable energy sources are causing to the environment. So people are getting more and more educated. So this is the point where our technology can prosper the most. Since our energy works both during the day and night, so there is no restriction on the time of energy production. Also, our technology is highly environmentally-friendly. By adapting to our technology, a lot of energy can be obtained without the emission of GHGs since protecting the environment and creating clean energy.

ThermInn panels make use of two different technologies, Seebeck effect, and heat storage devices. Seebeck effect is observed when two different metals, at a different temperature, are joined together. During the day or when the heat source is available, our panels provide electricity while our heat storage device placed behind the panel stores the heat energy. In the night or in the absence of the heat source, our energy storage devices release the stored energy in the form of heat to enable the electricity production.



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