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ToRe (Tower of Renewables) is a novel four in one renewable energy plant that can harness solar, wind, hydro (via rain) and biomass energy of one location. ToRe is aligned with existing technologies (solar updraft towers, vertical axis wind turbines, and biomass generators) and is installed in a single system to provide electricity intended to be used by people in remote areas where connection to the grid that is powered by conventional energy sources is largely absent. This technology will give clean and sufficient energy by maximizing the renewable energy potential of an area while optimizing the needed resources (capital, land and manpower) to install, operate and maintain the system.

The design of ToRe is mostly inspired by solar updraft towers where the air convection is produced between the hot air region at the greenhouse base and the cold air region at the top exit of the tower. This convection is used to drive a turbine which in turn powers the generator to produce electricity. Given that air convection is present not only inside the system but also in the surrounding (since air will be replaced), solar panels can be installed a few meters outside the greenhouse where its efficiency will be increased due the cooling offered by the said convection. Additionally, since there is already a tower present, a wind turbine is installed above to harness the energy from the wind. Likewise, hydro power from the rain can be tapped as an energy source by collecting rainwater (using a collector above the wind turbine) and storing it inside the tower which serves as a dam. Electricity will be produced when the water inside the tower will be discharged which turns another turbine and generator. A biomass generator will be also installed below the tower to provide extra energy and further heat up the greenhouse (due to the excess heat escaping from the biomass generator) to help increase air convection flow. The way that it works as a whole is that one part (like the tower for creating convection) is intended in harnessing one energy type but is essential for other parts to function (the tower is also needed to support the wind turbine and serve as a dam).

ToRe is mainly intended for renewable energy harnessing, however, it can be further utilized as a greenhouse for crops and a water collector and storage due to its design. The design of the tower can be modified and further be optimized depending on energy available in the target location. Meaning, it can be more focused in harnessing one energy type (like wind) while sacrificing the others (hydro).

With ToRe, it can and will provide people in remote areas with clean, abundant and cheap energy for them to do the things that they have never done before.



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