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Due to the population upsurge and urbanization, Solid waste management is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing today. The crux of waste management is waste segregation because when waste is segregated, value can be generated; while when it is mixed, it must be either dumped or burnt. Further, waste segregation is not just leading to one evil, dumping or burning, but the associated evils such as
pollution from burning of waste, the leachate due to dumping which percolates our groundwater and contaminates it, and the fact that men and women, who work with this kind of waste, have an average lifespan of not more than 40 years. Studies reveal that only 5% of world’s 2.01 Billion tonnes of waste generated every day is segregated and the rest 95% ends up in landfills. TrashCon aims at solving the waste menace by our invented technology – A one-stop solution to segregate any kind of mixed municipal solid waste automatically into Bio-Degradable waste and Non Bio-Degradable waste upto 99% efficiency and in tons of capacity per day. It promotes a decentralized system placed at every nodal point in a city can reduce the current transportation costs of INR 1000 by 80% and can save cost incurred on manpower by 75%. Every ton of waste saved from dumping on landfills would help lower carbon footprint, lead to better standard of living and create a better tomorrow.

Following is our solution with the technology details :

  • Plug and play system – Easy to transport
  • Fully modular – Easy to repair
  • Highly compact – Requires space less than a room
  • Output efficiency of up to 95%? – Beautiful segregation
  • Precautionary damage control – Long machine life
  • Seamless operation and maintenance – Even a child can operate and repair
  • Works in all weather conditions – Not affected by heat or cold
  • Works with all type of mixed MSW – Feed it anything
  • Requires limited power supply – Maybe twice a 4 bhk apartment!

3 Indian Patents and 1 International patent (Patent Pending)

Right after we finished product development, we got our first PO from Adani. We are already processing 10,000 Kg of waste/day in India and will be processing 200 Tons by Dec 2019. Also, our clientele includes biggest of corporates globally recognized apart from the Municipalities. Our market size is 240 million dollar only in India, and the market growth is 10% YoY.

Customer traction globally across Mexico, Thailand, New zealand, Australia, Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and UAE. Customer traction in India is in all of the 1-tier, 2-tier and 3-tier cities. TrashCon's story has been covered time and again in the media such as The Indian Express, Outlook Business, YourStory, Telengana Today, Telecom drive and several other media publications and recipient of several awards such as Winners of Elevate 100 (2017), Top 30 Startups at Techsparks 2018, Top 2 Startups at NSRCEL IIMB, Top 5 Startups recognized by Shell, Top 5 Startups recognized by Israel Embasy, Recipient of Skoch Award (2018), Top 10 Startups recognized by UNDP, Top 60 Startups recognized by Economic Times, Winner of Woman Start-up of the year by CII (2018), Winner of Inspire Awards 2018-19.

Existing Technologies

  • Other segregator technologies across the world
    Tomra, Coparm, Pyrocrat, Beston, Green Machine, Saibaarestaurant
    These technologies either utilize manual segregation to a large extent, are at a very low scale, or work well in an environment with less wet waste and more of dry waste.
  • Waste to Energy plants as set up by IL&FS, Ramkey
    take mixed waste and convert to energy, but are not scalable as 1 MW costs 17 crores.
  • There are players who supply pre-sorting systems that are essentially conveyors where women stand on either sides to segregate waste. Again, they put it across to wards
    But is applicable only for plastic waste, but they extend it to mixed waste as well. Ex: Pyrocrat
  • Trommels and conveyors as segregating systems as employed by large municipalities
    These are again conventional systems that break down in few months because the trommels tend to get blind because of the extensive wet waste generation. Ex: Brentwood Recycling

Proposed Solution including technology details

  • Instead of dumping waste on streets, it can now be dumped into our TrashbotTM (MSW Segregator)– the MSW segregator automatically segregates mixed waste into biodegradable waste, non-biodegradable waste, metals and rejects instantly up-to 99.7% output efficiency – Require no manpower – Very less power consumption.
  • Decentralized waste segregation system
    A segregator unit is to be positioned at nodal centers in the city or for every cluster of apartment – This set-up allows the public to have an independent waste management system and incur huge savings otherwise spent on transportation and generate value out of the bio waste after converting it into manure or biogas, non-bio waste after selling it for recycling.
  • Extremely modular and robust systems (Each part of the machine can be replaced and repaired in less than a few minutes), thus enabling easy maintenance by unskilled labor.
  • Minimum power consumption and require not more than 100sq ft floor area for a 10-ton machine

Trashbot being an affordable and deployable product brings to the society following benefits.

  • No more dumping of waste on the streets.
  • No requirement of burning or incineration of waste thus reducing air pollution.
  • No percolation of leachate in the ground water thus reducing water pollution.
  • No spread of rodents or disease‐causing flies thereby preventing waste borne diseases.
  • No more stench of waste on the streets.
  • Actual realization of 'Wealth from Waste'.
  • Ragpickers need not use their hands to segregate waste but become an integral part of the value chain by channelizing their efforts into more dignified positions such as Operators and Collectors of waste ‐ as now every bit of waste can generate value!
  • Land reclamation.
  • Empowerment of Citizens to realize the value being generated out of waste.
  • Reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases and thus reducing global warming.
  • As Trashbot get adopted across the nation it has a potential to generate hundreds of jobs.



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