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Universal Standardized Medical Records System (Medical Passport) Using Technology to Save Mankind Since the beginning of time, Mankind’s health has always been looked at as the most important asset of a person, since it directly affects his life, abilities, and satisfaction. Medical practitioners held high positions in ancient civilizations as they were the only ones with the knowledge and experience to cure the people, save the world from the spread of diseases, and restore health, even in mythologies (that’s why the health symbol is the Rod of Asclepius the Greek god of health that has a snake as a symbol of restoration). Humans have gone a long way since then with technology improvements and communications in all fields, specially the Medical and Health field, nowadays medical practitioners are able to use the latest technologies to cure millions of people worldwide, on the other hand with the increase in the number of population and different standards and structures of medical entities around the world, it became hard to gather and select the needed accurate information that is crucial to develop better and faster solutions that can reach all the people on earth, and protect the cities from the next epidemic. There have been some efforts before to create a standardized system for Health Information, however, all of them were only looking mostly from the Medical practitioners' point of view, which in most cases differs from the average daily life point of view of people. Who will be more careful about someone's life more than the person himself? Thus we are giving the people the full control to create and maintain an accurate medical report because their lives and their children's lives depend on it. From this perspective, instead of using medical teams to collect, organize, and get accurate information from the public, we will put the person himself in the center, and he will fill his own medical records with the help of his doctor, lab, or pharmacy, during and after the visit, creating an international standard that the person and the medical practitioner can use anywhere in the world, making it easier and more accurate to get more information and observe patterns, which is crucial to predict and control an epidemic. Big data and Artificial Intelligence are keywords here, imagine the amount of information that can be available to: accurately diagnose diseases, reduce research costs and time, and reduce the cost of medicine since pharmaceutical companies will reduce the time and effort to get accurate real-time information. The person can have his medical history with him when he travels anywhere, this acts as a Medical Passport, specialized translated versions are available, with the name of the medications, CT scans, or any other related files. The system can act as a central notification and warning center to give people accurate information on how to act during times of crisis, where each information can save millions of lives. The system also will show you nearby hospitals in case of need according to your location, and the ability to call or text the emergency number directly from the app, with your location if needed. The app can also detect accidents and sends a notification to the emergency center. It also gives you the chance to monitor your nutrition goals whether you want to lose weight, gain muscles, or improve your overall health, the system will provide you with a specific program according to your condition. Also for pregnant women, the system will start a medical record for the baby before the baby is born giving even more insight to the baby's health, and in the same time providing the mother with all the information she needs to take care of herself and the baby. And later after the baby is born the system can track day to day health of the baby, suggesting ways to improve the child's health. The system will cover also not only the physical health but also the mental health, giving you and your doctor an overall and in-depth view of your health condition, by connecting all these information together in one place. All these amounts of Big Data and statistics will be combined with our special AI and simple User Interface to give all medical practitioners and decision makers around the world the accurate real-time information they need for better control and efficient decisions. This system is a part of a bigger system developed in Uduria, what we call a Universe of Systems, which are connected systems each handle a different challenge in people's lives on a global level.



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