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This project is all about providing at first, well-being to that populations living aside of urban waste discharges by affording a low cost service of toilet emptying to the common households in our cities; on another hand producing a biofertlizer with these sludges. We all agree that fecal sludge is a potentially dangerous substance whose quantities increase with the growth of the population. The health and environmental risks of its poor management are important.

As human waste contains a significant amount of organic matter and nutrients, as well as thermal energy; We plan to construct a mobile plant for the treatment of that organic wastes.This plant is supposed to go to the pollution source and directly grasb the sluge for an on spot transformation. We noticed Human excreta for 1 person in 1 year would contain about 548g of nitrates, 183g of phosphorus and 460g of potassium per person. Organic matter represents more than half of the dry matter. Concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds in sludge are important.The specific productions found vary between 0.05L / day / inhabitant. and 2L / jr / hab. in urban areas of developing countries ( Heins et al, 1998). So, for example, for a city like Douala with around 3 million inhabitants, the daily production of sludge fluctuates around 1300 m3.

The design and construction of the mobile unit involves carefully chosen and carefully implemented materials, particularly to seal the system.

The system includes PVC drains to collect the waters disposed of sludge and evacuated first.

The body of the treatment station will be made of PVC equipped with a geo-film at the level of the joints to ensure the tightness of the device. Two cyclone tanks for the preparation of lime milk and sludge settling are required to ensure continuous treatment of sludge ; as well as a pozzolana feeding mat of the agitation tank (with a flowmeter inlet) and finally a storage tank (sterile) residual sludge. The various suction pumps (its device with) and discharge make it possible to be mounted at the inlet and outlet of the corresponding tanks / vats. This system must be placed in a container at the rear of a heavy vehicle that will facilitate its mobility.



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