Waterless Green Toilets

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Usafi Sanitation address the challenge, by distributing and installing EnviroLoo water-less Green Eco friendly toilets. 60% of Kenyans living in urban slums do not have access to proper toilets, as a result the water is polluted and causes rapid spread of water borne and communicable diseases. The EnviroLoo is a water-less toilet solution that prevents the human waste into coming into contact with the environment. We intend to partner with local youth and women to promote the use of EnviroLoo, this will ensure that the human waste within slums is well managed and treated as a result there will be reduced contamination of the environment hence curb the outbreaks and spreading of water borne diseases as a result of poor handing and disposal of human waste. The fact that the EnviroLoo is also water-less the usage and maintenance will be convenient as water is also a scarce resource in slums.



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