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WaterStop Carts is a socially responsible, for-profit company based on the simple proposition that people around the world need safe, accessible, and affordable water sources. We seek to address the discrepancy between demand and access by filtering municipal tap water for taste while simultaneously removing impurities. Our ultimate goal is to make safe drinking water available to the public through our mobile water carts; it’s like bottled water without the bottle.

“Accessibility through Mobility” is the foundation of our thinking. Refilling bottles will save families, businesses, and governments the extraordinary amount of money spent daily on purchasing bottled water – the US spent $13 billion in 2014 alone In addition to the savings passed on to water consumers, our water carts will save on the water wasted in the manufacturing and distribution processes of bottled water, all while eliminating the daily 60 Million plastic bottles (50 Billion yearly) that make it into our landfills and oceans in the US alone

We have produced our first prototype and will start the design of the commercial unit in the upcoming months. The basic unit is designed for basic use of the water taps across a wide range of settings with numerous hitching options. The commercial unit will include a LCD display screen promoting our our affiliate marketing program, a WIFI hotspot, a cooling system for the tank, baffles to reduce water sloshing, and an overall sleeker design. The mobility of the cart is imperative to us; the wheels swivel and come with locking mechanisms providing maximum flexibility. All carts will have easily replaceable filtering systems, and are designed with off the shelf parts for ease of maintenance. The cart tank holds 50 gallons of water, which provides approximately 400 16oz bottle refills, and can be refilled with a common garden hose.

The Market

The market for environmentally friendly, sustainable products is growing every day, increasingly so with the adoption of socially responsible and sustainable attitudes towards consumption and usage of everything in our environment. At WaterStop we believe it is the Millennials and the following generations who will build consumer loyalty, demand, and branding for us: Sustainability and Environmental concern is a major part of this generation’s thinking and way of life. Millennials are already referred to as the sustainable generation. This, along with the widespread issue of lead contamination in drinking water, has driven WaterStop Carts to launch our pilot program in schools throughout the United States. More information on the pilot program can be found in the business plan. In addition to school buildings, WaterStop carts can be used in a wide variety of settings: sporting and entertainment venues, public buildings/areas, office buildings, outdoor markets and remote areas with minimal access to filtered drinking water.

Competitive Advantage

The competitive advantage of WaterStop Carts lies in the uniqueness of the product. There is not currently a mobile water filtering and dispensary unit on the market. Competition consists of bottled and boxed water as stand-alone products, mounted water fountain units, Refillable 5 gallon jug stations, and in general one-off niche sustainable water products. While each of these water sources have created large industries and widespread distribution channels, they are not sustainable and require a significant amount of resources to produce and distribute.


WaterStop Carts has generated a considerable amount of traction during the prototype phase. The following organizations have expressed interest in purchasing, leasing, or licensing WaterStop Carts:

  • The Super Bowl Sustainability Committee
  • The Rio Summer Olympics Head of Procurement
  • The HYPE Foundation Founder
  • Elkay Manufacturing Product Manager
  • Aramark Refreshments Division (Global)
  • The Assistant Secretary of the Army
  • Catholic Relief Services

In addition, several individual entities who have reached out expressing interest in geographic distribution rights around the world.



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