Women Digital Empowerment

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How we could use empowering women digital skills in developing women's life in 

 1- Rural areas all over the world 

2- Critical situations such as wars and starvation 

Equipped nonprofit organization like UNHCR and UNICEF with "Women Digital Bag" to offer it for target women as they offer them Food, medicine and many other necessary resources.

 Women Digital Bag include a tablet with solar charger. the tablet will be defined as  "Women opportunity  World"; WOW

UNHCR and UNICEF agents train women target group on how to use, operate and charge WOW.

 WOW will include simple learning materials such as talking videos that simulate Maslow's hierarchy of needs 

First level: Physiological needs level will include Talking videos about

  •  How they could find the right place as their  home.
  • Safe and healthy home with minimum resources.
  • How they could act in bad weather condition to save their selves and their families.
  • The nearest by water resources. 
  • we could check the water cleanses 
  • Simple techniques to produce water from nature 
  • nearest by food resources 
  • How we could check the food cleanses 
  • Simple techniques to produce healthy food from nature 
  • Health and safe marriage practices
  • Needed information about regulations in emergency especially for refuges 

Second Level: Safety needs will include:

  • Red safety button for urgent situation as a call for working NGOs


Third level: Social Belonging will include 

  • Talking video about basic social skills in conflict situation 
  • Suggested nearest by social network 

 Fourth level: Self-esteem and Self-actualization

This stage will target women with leadership skills that can be educated to manage and solve local problems & challenges. WOW will educate women with skills of

- Building teams 

Basic entrepreneurship skills 

Key notes 

- WOW learning videos will be designed  in local language  and could be used by illiterate women 

- WOW learning videos will be designed  and tailored to match every country needs & context 

WOW learning videos  will be integrated  with offline working GPS.

Potential  Growth for WOW 

Build learning communities that exchange solutions and success stories 

-Integrate Artificial intelligence & Robotics in women empowerment & refugees work




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