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SolarGaps developed the world’s first smart solar blinds allowing most of households and commercial buildings to utilize window area for green energy generation and reduce electricity bill and CO2 emissions.

By being smart SolarGaps blinds automatically adjust the angle for the most effective solar energy capturing and better shading performance.

The blinds maintain the desired room temperature, control light, adjust to customer daily habits and changing weather conditions, and integrate to various smart home and commercial buildings management systems.

CUSTOMER PAIN-Points to address:

  • The lack of solar PV solution to fit any building or apartment
  • Existing smart shading solution is costly and with low energy savings


  • Allow to utilize window area for effective green energy generation
  • Allow to save up to 70% of electricity bill and thus pay for themselves

GLOBAL ISSUES to address:

  • Carbon pollution. Buildings today are responsible for 36% of CO2 emissions
  • Low energy efficiency of existing buildings


  • Decrease average household yearly CO2 emission by up to 10 000 kg
  • Decrease building electricity consumption by up to 70%

How SolarGaps smart solar blinds address customers pain-points and buildings energy efficiency issue:

  • SolarGaps smart solar blinds enable any household and business to easily generate green solar PV electricity for further storage, usage or sale – up to 135 W per m2 during sunny hours, while average household consumption during those hours is around 300 W . Only 2.2 m2 of windows equipped with SolarGaps will generate enough energy to cover energy demand. SolarGaps track the sun using Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), which allows SolarGaps to self-adjust its angle to the sun by calculating the maximum efficiency levels being produced. Generated solar power feeds the grid or battery for future consumption or can be sold to the grid upon the agreement with local electricity providers.
  • SolarGaps blinds have plug-and-play design, are easy to install and operate. Mounted outside, SolarGaps blinds ensure maximum efficiency, and offer an extra feature – “storm” mode protecting the window from poor weather conditions (storms winds, etc.). Built for all climates, SolarGaps can operate in the wide range of temperatures between -40 and +80 degrees Celsius.
  • By being smart SolarGaps have optimal shading: automatically closing when everyone leaves the building for higher saving and energy generation and providing more shading when room reaches the desired temperature. Placed outside the building SolarGaps prevent up to 90% of the sun’s heat from entering the building and leave place inside for decoration. Thus, savings on electricity bill can reach 70% due to effective shading and electricity generation.
  • SolarGaps have the latest smart shading features built-in and unlike most of existing smart shading devices can be integrated directly (without additional smart bridge) to the most popular smart home systems: Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo, Alexa and Google Home. Although, smart shading features are costly, SolarGaps smart solar blinds is the first smart shading solution on the market, which pays for itself due to energy generation capacity.



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