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More than half of the world's population is currently connected to the Internet. According to the Statistics ,In Egypt the number of Internet users are 49.23 million which represents 50% of the whole population.As Isaac Asimov said before ''I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them" ,Technology is not scary if you use it wisely.In Egypt, the majority of the population uses the internet in the social media website which is good but not good enough. There is a huge gap  between the rural areas in Egypt and the rest of the country and this gap can be explained by other demographic realities such as the fact that rural residents as a group are older, less wealthy, and have lower levels of educational attainment than those in urban and suburban areas.

Our slogan our slogan " children to children" sums up our idea which is connecting children to other children in the outer world which is all about educating the children and widening their horizons , our idea is represented in the form of an online platform that includes:

 -         Competitions:

v    The competitions will be introduced in our platform according to the kids age and ability.

v    There will be academic competitions and entertainment ones for example : essay , crafts , music & short stories competitions.

-           learning resources:

v    There will be academic resources ,there will be fun methods to help kids learn like animation videos which will encourage them to learn more and this is better than the books which are boring for kids.

-         Reading :

v    There will be an online library in our platform which have a lot of colorful and interesting books which will give the kids a push to read and learn and change their opinion about reading.

-         distance learning methods:

v  There will international teachers which kids can communicate with them in our platform and discuss with them.

v  The kids can ask for personal tutors if they have any problems and our platform can connect them with teachers.

v  Volunteering:

-          We will act as ambassadors at the beginning of the project to teach Children about the technology and the platform and the way it works Then :

-         We will open the door for volunteering in our platform which will let kids and adults we introduce them to our platform apply to volunteer as Our ambassadors and inform other children of the way our platform works.

- Internet access problem (Funding)

v    In Egypt there are many schools that have smart boards but have no access to  internet so we will let them enter the competitions between international students that will allow them to get fund in their schools and get the internet connection and improve  , this way they will believe that their efforts are worth it and they can make a change by themselves.

v     Donation will be included in our platform to let other kids get the funding which will help them enter our platform and benefit from our platform.

Our long-term aim :

-         Student exchange culture :

-         There will be an exchange opportunities between the students to learn from each other more like scholarships which allow students know more about other cultures and enjoy themselves.

-         Camping :

v    We will organize camps which will be about different topics, students can participate in together from all over the world to see each other face to face and communicate together, these camps will prepare students for practical activities which have the same importance as the other activities



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